The deadline for the competition ended on 06.11.2016. Thank you for your participation!

BAUHAUS meets MINECRAFT! Children and young people are developing new visions for disused land in Gropiusstadt, Berlin in a Minecraft competition. It examines the importance that the legendary Bauhaus still has for us today as a social and artistic movement.


The competition

Gropiusstadt is a satellite town - a town within a city - with 36,000 inhabitants on 3 sq km land. Walter Gropius, the architect who designed the town, provided it with a number of public open spaces and green spaces, which unfortunately are hardly ever used. This is where you play a part! If you were an urban planner - how would you design these open spaces to create the perfect neighbourhood?

The Jury

  1. Jörg Stollmann – TU Berlin (Architektur und Urban Design)
  2. Olaf Kamp (Gropiuswohnen GmbH)
  3. Tobias Thiel – (Evangelische Akademie Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. / Studienleiter gesellschaftspolitische Jugendbildung)
  4. Selma Tuzlali (Quartiersmanagement Gropiusstadt)
  5. YouTuber and Minecraft expert iOser100
  6. 2 teenager residents of Gropiusstadt

Project background:

During the initiative BAUHAUS SPIRIT a game jam took place in 2015 at the B3 Biennial of the Moving Picture in Frankfurt: Four international teams consisting of game designers, story writers and programmers developed playful approaches to the redesign of Berlin’s Gropiusstadt, a social housing estate in the south of Berlin. The theme was: Challenge young people in the Gropiusstadt to more social commitment and at the same time motivate them to recapture the public space creatively.
The competitors receive a virtual model of the existing development of Gropiusstadt in Minecraft as a basis for the game. In it they can - completely using their own ideas - redesign five selected areas. The winning designs will be awarded by an expert jury and showcased at Gropius Passagen from 1 - 3/12/2016 in an exhibition with a virtual reality experience. The reality of an effective implementation should then be checked with established real estate companies.

About the organisers

BAUKRAFT is organised by the Interactive Media Foundation in cooperation with Filmtank.
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IMF - Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH

IMF is a not-for-profit organisation which communicates contemporary educational subjects, above all to children and young people. The team consisting of award-winning filmmakers, game designers, programmers, concept developers and artists for digital applications present topics from culture, science and technology in a wide range of digital and analogue formats and in a way which really appeals to a young target audience.

About Filmtank

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