An interactive virtual reality installation

The stage in the Bauhaus was an experimental space for design, and the body in space was the medium of design on stage.  Various Bauhaus representatives approached this theme in many different ways – from designs and ideas to all-encompassing theatre spaces like the “total theatre” by Walter Gropius through to body and performance experiments such as those by Oskar Schlemmer.
These ideas transcended the Bauhaus, reaching well into the present day. Virtual reality now provides the technological basis for a total experience – space and body, body and machine appear to merge in the virtual realm.

The relationship between humans and machines has been a constant issue throughout the history of humankind, which was also addressed by the Bauhaus movement. Back then, the debate took place in the context of industrialisation and the Bauhaus was among those searching for answers to the question of the role of humans in the age of technology. This remains a pressing issue and is becoming all the more important as digitisation and artificial intelligence continue to progress.
We have taken up this theme and have developed a sensual experience of creating and interacting with machine beings in virtual space. For this experience, we have revived the characters and movement concepts of Oskar Schlemmer.

THE TOTAL DANCE THEATRE brings together an international team to create a modular experience – whether as a performative installation in museums and galleries, which are part of a contextualised exhibition framework, or as a stand-alone experience that every user can behold for themselves at home or even as a live performance on stage.

THE TOTAL DANCE THEATRE connects history with the future, manufacturing with technology, corporeality with virtuality.