Bauhaus Spirit

The international crossmedia project to mark the 100th anniversary of the legendary Bauhaus movement in 2019.


The Bauhaus idea - or the BAUHAUS SPIRIT - is more important than ever. The movement was never about l'art pour l'art, or art for art's sake; instead, its fundamental aim was to improve the world through art, architecture and design, and by connecting and combining art, crafts and technology. BAUHAUS SPIRIT aims to trace these fundamental ideas and bring them back into the present day.

BAUHAUS SPIRIT is a project by the international multi-award-winning team behind Filmtank.

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Documentary film

How should we live and where are we heading? The film tells the exciting Bauhaus story and investigates its current significance as an artistic and social attitude.

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The relationship between humans and machines is an age-old topic that humankind is repeatedly faced with…

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12 tracks in which Bauhaus ideas for music and sound design are redefined for the present day.

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BAUHAUS meets MINECRAFT! The Minecraft contest: Teens are developing new visions for dead urban spaces in Gropiusstadt, Berlin.

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